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Mysterious shadow creature with a tail caught on camera

In the quiet municipality of Tolosa, a video has emerged that has stirred the local community. The footage, obtained from a security camera, shows an unusual shadowy figure with an unexpected appendage—a long tail, reports

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The homeowner, Dennis Colasito, shared the video online, which quickly ignited a flurry of speculation and debate. The shadowy figure, small and agile, is seen making a swift passage across a balcony, its form highlighted against the backdrop of a brightly lit window.

For a fleeting moment, the silhouette seems nothing out of the ordinary, perhaps a child at play. However, as the figure moves, a distinct tail becomes apparent, trailing behind it until it disappears from view.

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This peculiar sighting has captured the attention of social media users, with many quick to label the occurrence as paranormal. Theories abound, with some asserting the presence of a supernatural entity within the confines of the Tolosa residence.

Colasito himself is puzzled by the footage, stating that nothing of this sort has ever been detected by his security system before.

On the other side of the coin, skeptics are weighing in with alternative explanations. Some suggest the possibility of a well-orchestrated prank, while others consider optical illusions created by interplays of light and shadow as the more likely culprit.

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