Mysterious Rotating UFO Filmed in New York

Imagine you’re out in the woods at night and you see something in the sky that makes you question your sanity.

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That’s what happened to Kevin Gallagher, who captured a mind-blowing video of a weird UFO near Barrington Lake in New York on July 15th, reports

The video shows a glowing C-shaped object that seems to be slowly rotating in place, like a wheel or a ring. It doesn’t look like any plane, helicopter, drone, or satellite that we know of.

Some people have joked that it looks like the sky is buffering, as if we’re living in a computer simulation.

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Others have wondered if it’s some kind of interdimensional portal or alien spaceship that’s trying to enter our reality. Whatever it is, it’s definitely one of the most bizarre things we’ve ever seen in the sky.

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Jake Carter

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