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Mysterious rectangular cloud photographed in Michigan

An unusual cloud with a clear rectangular shape was photographed in the city of Escanaba, Michigan, USA.

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According to the user who posted it on Reddit, the photo was taken the other day by his son, who accidentally spotted the unusual cloud while sitting in his car in the passenger seat.

The building in the photo, according to him, is a secondary school, apparently the one where his son studies.

The man claims that in the photo everything looks exactly as it was in reality, that Photoshop was not used here, and that he does not even know how to use such programs.

Image credit: CNCsinner
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The comments on the post were quite typical. Many felt that this is very similar to a disguised alien ship:

“This reminds me of that theory about extraterrestrials as well as our own governments using a means of cloud technology to hide their own technologies/UFOs. Something about manipulating weather and clouds to hide lots of activity and aerial tech testing. ”

“It’s well documented that we’re being visited by aliens. I wouldn’t call people crazy who might think there’s something hiding inside that cloud. If they could change the barometric pressure around the vehicle, creating clouds around it would be effortless. And there is no better way to hide in the sky.”

Including some who shared their own sightings of UFOs hiding in the clouds or masquerading as clouds:

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“The only time I ever saw a UFO in broad daylight (it was in 2012) it disappeared inside a cloud within seconds of being seen – as if it could feel like it was being seen. It flew into the nearest (suspiciously small) cloud – and there were very few clouds that day, almost everything was sunny. It happened over cars on a small section of the freeway.”

“In 2017 in Lake Chatfield State Park, close to many government bases, I watched a perfect looking cloud (it was the only one in the sky) slowly drift across the sky in one direction, then it changed direction 90 degrees and slowly floated straight up “.

“It’s some type of ship. One day I looked out the window and one of them was hanging, looking out from behind a cloud… It stayed there for about 10 minutes… I left my office and came back, it disappeared.”

The idea that unidentified flying objects (UFOs) are hiding in the clouds is not a new one. It has been a recurring theme in many stories and reports of UFO sightings over the years.

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Some people believe that UFOs use clouds as a camouflage or a shield to avoid detection by radar or human eyes. Others think that UFOs are actually living entities that inhabit the sky and can change their shape and appearance.

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