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Mysterious radiation in Antarctica continues to spread

Energy nuclearScientists began to panic due to the fact that in Antarctica under the ice, radiation has spread over 50 square kilometers and continues to move on, reports Die Stern.

Experts and now can not give the reason for the rapid spread. Also, no one knows anything about the source of radiation. The version of the source of radioactive lava, which was discussed earlier, was not confirmed.

Recently, more and more scientists are inclined to believe that at the very bottom of the ice cap is a molten nuclear reactor. There is a copious amount evidence of this.

Previously, scientists were planning to conduct an expedition to study in more detail rock samples in the infected area. In the event that radiation begins to melt ice, this will cause a subsidence of a vast territory.

Due to the fact that there are a lot of deep faults in the ice sheet, radiation can go outside. If the situation with ice flooding persists, as a result, radioactive vapor may begin to appear on the surface of the territory of Antarctica during the Antarctic summer period.

Specialists are going to conduct an expedition, the duration of which is one year. During this time, wells will be made and all necessary rock samples taken.

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