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Mysterious ‘portal to another world’ appears in Indian sky

In a world where smartphones are prevalent, and people love to flaunt their photography skills by capturing pictures of the sky and unique cloud formations, nature sometimes surprises us in the most unexpected ways.

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Recently, the city of Bengaluru in India experienced a perplexing phenomenon in the sky that left its residents in awe. A Twitter user going by the handle WazBLR posted a short video on the platform, capturing a mysterious shadow visible in Bengaluru’s sky.

The intriguing video was shared on July 23, prompting the user to ask fellow netizens about their thoughts on what this enigmatic sight could possibly be. Speculating whether it might be a building, he was also curious about the scientific explanation behind such an occurrence.

In his caption, he wrote, “A mysterious shadow (object?) was seen in Bengaluru skies last night near Hebbal flyover. Did anyone else see? What could this possibly be? A shadow of a building? If it is, then what could possibly be the science behind it?”

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The video quickly gained viral traction on the internet, sparking discussions among netizens as they speculated about the nature of this mysterious object in the sky.

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