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Mysterious noise keeps Tampa residents awake

In recent weeks, residents of the coastal areas of Tampa (Florida, USA) have been disturbed by a strange vibrating sound that is preventing them from sleeping, reports The Washington Post.

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Rhythmic sounds, reminiscent of bass from music speakers or the beat of a drum, began to be heard in mid-January, and their source still remains a mystery.

City resident Stephanie Kaltenbaugh initially thought that one of her neighbors was simply throwing a party that was too loud, but as the strange sound continued, she went in search of its source.

Kaltenbaugh traveled all over the area, even drove to the nearest military base, but could not discover its origin.

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Marine biologist James Locascio says the culprit may be bearded dusky croakers, which produce low-frequency sounds during mating.

Typically these sounds are only heard underwater, but under certain conditions they can be transmitted through the ground or underground utilities.

In recent years, the population of these fish has increased significantly in Tampa Bay, which may explain the strange sounds.

As it turns out, many of them have been heard for years, and despite the biologist’s explanation, some still believe that the noise is caused by loud parties, construction work or secret military device.

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Stephanie Kaltenbaugh and her neighbors decided to take matters into their own hands and are raising money to install microphones to record these mysterious sounds and, with the help of scientists, try to find their real source.

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