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Planet venus

Mysterious “Morse Code-Like” Beams Of Light Emitted from Venus

Planet venusAmateur astronomer (Youtube: Bruce Sees All) captured multiple mysterious light emissions with his infrared camera/telescope that appear to come from the planet Venus.

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The astronomer does not have the most advanced equipment, but it was enough to make a loud discovery.

The astronomer also points to a giant object that looks just like the asteroid known for its unusual shape (and some scientists consider it not an asteroid at all, but an alien spaceship) Oumuamua, which passed over Venus and wonders if this object could cause flashes or pulsating rays.

Another possibility for multiple bright flashes can be massive explosions caused by asteroids hitting the planet.

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In addition to the strange flashes emitted by Venus and a dark object located near the planet, a large number of UFOs flying in open space fell into the lens of the telescope.

One way or another, whatever it was, something very unusual happened nearby or on the planet Venus.

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