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Mysterious giant anomaly spotted in the ocean near South Africa

In the wake of the April 2024 eclipse, oceanographers and meteorologists are scratching their heads over a mysterious anomaly that appeared in the southern hemisphere’s oceanic waters.

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According to, a reputable ocean monitoring system, an enormous disturbance roughly the size of Texas was detected originating near Antarctica on April 9th, around 2 pm, only to vanish from the radar two days later without a trace.

This enigmatic phenomenon, which seemed to traverse the gap between South America and Antarctica before ascending through the Atlantic Ocean, has been described as a vast field of waves, some reaching heights of approximately 80 feet.

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The sudden appearance and disappearance of such a significant anomaly have sparked a flurry of speculation among experts and amateurs alike.

One prevailing theory suggests that the anomaly could be the result of a meteor impact, a not entirely uncommon occurrence yet capable of producing significant disturbances in the ocean.

Alternatively, some have proposed that it may have been caused by an undocumented seismic event, which could generate similar wave patterns without leading to a tsunami.

Adding to the intrigue is the hypothesis involving an Unidentified Submerged Object (USO). Proponents of this idea believe that the anomaly might not be a natural occurrence at all but rather the work of a colossal underwater craft, emitting signals that mimic those of a massive wave.

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This theory is bolstered by the absence of any tsunami warnings, which would typically accompany such large-scale oceanic movements.

The lack of concrete evidence has only fueled the fire of speculation, with some pointing to the possibility of an unknown energy form or a large object lurking in the ocean’s depths. The scientific community remains cautious, emphasizing the need for further investigation and data analysis before drawing any conclusions.

A day later, a representative of the Ventusky company wrote on social networks that “giant waves near Africa yesterday were associated with a model error.”

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However, this answer did not convince some users, because they dug into the archives and found out that in February 2024, near West Africa, the same anomaly also appeared in the same place.

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