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Mysterious ghost hands appear in Polaroid photo

A Reddit user posted a photo of a Polaroid picture that shows a pair of creepy hands behind a closed door.

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The user claims that there was nothing and nobody behind the door when the photo was taken. The post has sparked a lot of interest and speculation among the r/Paranormal community.

The post, titled “Creepy Hands Appear in Polaroid”, was submitted by u/Opening-Bird9599. The user wrote:

“The picture was taken in a recently built house at a Xmas party two years ago. I still have the original photo.

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“The door is a glass panel door and it was taken at night so it looks like it’s open but it’s actually a closed exterior door. Very small house, like 400 square ft. Nobody is in front, behind, or above the door. I was the one who took the photo.”

The photo shows a woman posing in front of a wooden door. Behind the door, two pale hands with long fingers can be seen, as if they are reaching out from the darkness. The hands appear to be distorted and unnatural, and do not match the proportions of the door or the woman.

“We tried to come up with some simple explanation for this, but we couldn’t find one. By the way, it seems that the hands in the photo have black nails, and none of us even had black nail polish with us,” the author continues.”

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Other Reddit users noted that the hands, if they belong to a person, are in some kind of unnatural, inverted position. They also asked the author of the photo to somehow prove that this was not a photomontage.

Then one of the commentators wrote that she was one of those women depicted in this photo. And she said that this door is external and leads to the courtyard, and at the time of photographing it was locked. And that in fact there were no decorations hanging there and there were no other people.

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