Mysterious “energy wave” runs through Jupiter in an amazing video

JupiterOn the World Wide Web spreads amazing video, received on April 8, 2017, but published on the Web only recently.

According to the author, he considered this video hopelessly lost after a hard disk crash, but he found it now, two years later, on one of his backup digital media.

An amateur astronomer from Dublin says that he was filming Jupiter at three in the morning, Irish time, through a telescope, when he suddenly noticed something very strange.

Over the entire surface of the largest planet of the solar system, a huge “wave” unexpectedly ran, and not just once, but twice. Thus, we are clearly not having a malfunctioning video camera, but some kind of anomaly that is difficult to explain in terms of what we know about Jupiter.

Unusual shots received by an Irishman quickly spread through the many resources of the Internet, capturing the attention of millions of users.

Especially video interested ufologists, conspiracy therapists and researchers inexplicable phenomena. Some experts, who carefully studied the intriguing material, tried to explain the mysterious “wave” that swept over the surface of the gas giant.

Popular Canadian ufologist George Skulko said that Jupiter most likely has a powerful power plant built by representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization.

According to Skulko, aliens may be engaged in Jupiter’s terraforming – changing conditions (atmosphere, gravity, climate) on the gas giant in order to make the planet habitable.

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