Mysterious crop circles began to appear in the world

Crop circles are patterns created by flattening crops, usually cereals, in large-scale geometric shapes.

They are often found in fields in southern England, where they have attracted a lot of attention and speculation. Some people believe that crop circles are messages from extraterrestrial intelligence, while others think that they are hoaxes made by human pranksters.

However, not all crop circles can be easily explained by human intervention. Some of them have twisted plant stems that seem impossible to achieve with simple tools.

Moreover, crop circles have a long history that predates modern technology. The first recorded mention of them dates back to the 17th century, when a pamphlet called The Mowing-Devil described a strange phenomenon of circles appearing in a field of oats.

In recent years, crop circles have become more frequent and complex. In June 2023, several impressive formations were reported in Wiltshire, England, and Italy. These circles featured intricate designs and symbols that baffled observers and researchers.

On June 4 in Wiltshire:

Wiltshire, May 28:

Italy, May 30:

Crop circles are still a source of fascination and controversy for many people who wonder about their origin and meaning.

Some people think that aliens create crop circles as a way of communicating with us, while others believe that they are a form of alien art or writing. The true nature of crop circles remains a mystery, and the existence of aliens and the reality of UFO sightings continue to be highly debated and controversial.

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