Mysterious creatures surrounded the boat of a kayaker sailing in the Amazon

A video of a Spanish-speaking kayaker recently went viral on social networks in South America. A man was sailing his kayak on the Amazon River when he was suddenly surrounded by unidentified large waterfowl.

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These creatures definitely have fins and a large gray-brown body. One of them floated very close to the boat and the man showed amazing restraint in his emotions, only muttering something quietly.

Then a group of these creatures began to frolic so violently in the water that it seemed as if the water had boiled. However, nothing was visible that would help in identifying these animals.

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The most logical version was that these were Amazonian dolphins – inii.

However, firstly, the inia has a pale pink body, and the fin glimpsed at the beginning of the video is very dark.

And secondly, inias love to stick their muzzles with a narrow snout out of the water, and in the video, none of the creatures stuck out of the water during their games and nothing resembling the inia’s head was glimpsed anywhere.

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The body floating next to the kayaker’s boat also does not look very much like the narrow body of an ini, more like something like a cetacean or a huge catfish. But where have you seen a group of such large catfish that would make the water boil so much?

As for whales, every year during migration humpback whales swim into the Amazon waters , but not at this time, but in December, by February there are no longer any whales in the Amazon.

And they swim only to those areas of the Amazon that are close to where the river flows into the Atlantic Ocean and therefore there is salt water there. The rest of the Amazon is fresh and whales cannot live in such water.

Alas, it is not said where in the Amazon this kayaker was sailing and when this video was filmed is also unknown. Comments under the video also suggest that these could be Amazonian manatees, which are in mating season.

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