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Mysterious creature found in Russian forest raises eyebrows

At the end of May 2024, residents of the village of Vizimyary in the Russian republic of Mari El stumbled upon the remains of an unidentified animal while walking in the forest with their children.

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According to the local news, eyewitnesses described the creature as resembling a lizard, approximately 70 cm long, with unusually long hind legs. Initially thought to be a weasel, the peculiar features led to doubts.

Three years ago, an unknown animal had been killing chickens and rabbits in Vizimyary, leading villagers to speculate that this might be the same creature.

The remains of an unknown creature were found in Russia

Gennady Bogdanov, a senior researcher at the “Bolshaya Kokshaga” nature reserve, was contacted to identify the animal but couldn’t make a definitive determination from photos and videos alone.

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He emphasized the need for physical examination to analyze the size and teeth.

According to the local news, the creature “looks like a lizard” and is about 70 cm long.

“For an otter, his limbs are too long. Videos and photos are not enough to accurately identify a long-dead animal. We need to look on the spot and determine the size and formula of the teeth,” Bogdanov said.

Social media users have suggested various possibilities, including a hare, a wolverine (despite their absence in Mari El), or even a chupacabra.

As of now, further information on the mysterious discovery remains pending.

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