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Black hole in sky

Mysterious “Black Hole” formed in the sky over the Kirov

Black hole in skyResidents of the city of Kirovsk of the Murmansk region, Russia became witnesses of a mysterious phenomenon a few days ago. At about half past eight in the evening, an incomprehensible anomaly was formed above the local park.

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Of course, eyewitnesses did not fail to capture such a mysterious phenomenon on the cameras of their mobile phones.

Some internet users believe that a real black hole has arisen over Kirovsk. For others, it was something mystical. Some people talk about a religious sign, while others blame aliens.

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However, no one can say with absolute accuracy what it is. Recently, more and more bizarre anomalies have arisen in the sky above us (and not only in the sky), which have not been observed before, and it is unlikely that all of them can find a materialistic explanation.

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