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Mysterious black helicopters retrieved downed UFO near Alaska

UFO expert Ross Coulthart claims to have new information that disproves President Biden’s statement about the mysterious ‘UAP’ downed by USAF fighters last February, reports

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Coulthart said his Pentagon source confirmed that the downed object was in fact a silver cylindrical UFO and not a civilian balloon as President Biden had claimed.

The whistleblower said the President personally ordered the shoot down and the operation involved multiple forces, including HC-130s, F-16s, and black OGA (other government agency) helicopters.

The incident occurred about 13 kilometers off the frozen Alaskan coast, and pilots sent to inspect the site gave conflicting accounts of what they saw. Online videos taken by UFO hunters showed black helicopters hovering over the coast.

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US officials said the object posed a “reasonable threat to air traffic” and was shot down on the president’s orders. A Pentagon spokesman said rescue teams collected debris from the object on the surface of the ice.

However, the search was called off, and officials refused to give a detailed description of the object, saying only that “it was not an aircraft as such.”

These statements caused outrage among Americans. Many are wondering why President Biden hid the truth about the operation and why the information about the downed UFO was kept secret.

UFO experts are studying this case with great interest. They hope that the new details of the operation will help them understand the nature and origin of these mysterious objects that continue to appear in the sky.

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