Mysterious black cube shoots straight out of the sun

Well-known Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring examined photographs of the solar disk obtained by NASA devices and found an unusual structure on them, which is very similar to a cube.

The ufologist says that he watched SOHO videos and found a cube in several frames that flew straight out of the Sun. Meanwhile, a huge black screen covered 25% of the entire viewing area.

Waring is sure that NASA is trying to hide from the public the existence of such objects, which appear near our star, and now, as it turns out, they fly in and out of it.

However, the ufologist is most concerned about other questions: what are these cubic structures doing near the Sun and why do they fly out of there?

Is their appearance connected with the occurrence of powerful flares on the Sun and is the apocalypse threatening humanity? Can the sun be hollow? Could it be that these objects are pumping out substances from the Sun, about which nothing is yet known to earthly scientists?

Despite the fact that there are no answers to the above questions yet, the researcher again states: that these images once again confirm that aliens exist, and he hopes that NASA will sooner or later tell the public the truth.

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Jake Carter

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