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My True Paranormal Experiences

I’m 25 years old I have experienced paranormal things since I was young. My first experience is when I was maybe somewhere between 4 or 5 years of age, my parents were missionaries and we were back in the United States we were staying at my grandparents’ house. It was night time and I was sleeping alone in one of the rooms, and I was awakened by a voice calling my name Henry.

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The door to my room I am staying in is also shut. The voice sounded like my mother, and so I said what mom and again the voice replied Henry and I said what mom and on the third time it said Henry I yelled what mom! I waited to hear my name again but the voice did not reply and so I fell back asleep. So morning comes I go to the room where my parents were and I said mom were you calling me last night and she said no.

My next experience is when I was maybe 6 or 7 my uncle had died, we were in Amsterdam Holland and we came back for his funeral I used to love my uncle, I would play and wrestle with him whenever we were in the United States. As a young child to me he was so cool. My parents had not told me he had died because they knew I loved him very much. I remember going to the funeral and wondering who it was for, at the funeral I was looking for my uncle but did not see him.

When it was time to pay respects, the person I saw in the casket was not him it was a man with long dark brown hair and a goatee; I remember thinking to myself who is this man. I sat back down, Some of my cousins came to the funeral and asked who had died and someone said Frankie died in my mind I was thinking that was not the person I saw in the casket, I went up again to view the person in the casket and this time it was my uncle clean shaved face and black hair. I think maybe the person I saw the first time was Jesus, my only explanation for that is that it was Gods way of telling me that he was in heaven.

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My next experience is when I was around 13 in Moreno Valley CA. I was asleep in my bed and I was awakened by something that sat or pushed down on my bed where my feet were, it woke me up and I was not sure if it was my imagination so I stared down to where my feet were and again it happened and I could see and feel my bed go down as if someone was sitting down by my feet. I jumped out of bed and ran out of my room to my parents room.

The next morning my dad told me that the same night that my dog that was out side was barking at my dad and moms sliding glass door that goes into their room, My dog woke my dad up and when my dad opened his eyes there was a black mass shadow hovering over him and it zoomed out the door into the hall way, my room is the next room. So I guess that’s what was pushing my bed down.

I remember people came to pray for my room and bless it. I was too afraid to sleep in my room so I slept in the living room. But now something else started to happen as I was laying down to go to sleep I stared to hear this beautiful choir singing and I was thinking where is the music coming from I checked the TV; It was off, I checked the radio it was off I even went to my room but my TV. Was also off. This happened for about a week strait every night and would fall asleep to this choir singing and I remember hearing the words and I peacefully feel asleep each night; it brought comfort.

Also at the same house I was watching TV. The show was about a boy who lost his dog and how his dog had come back to him. After the show I went outside and prayed God can you please send me back my dog, my dog had been gone for months. I fell asleep in the living room and I was dreaming I had found my dog, in my dream my dog was barking. As my dog was barking in my dream I woke up out of my dream to the same barking I went to my back yard and on the other side of the fence was my dog barking; crazy story but true.

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My next experience was when I was probably 15 in Victor Ville Ca. I went to a friends to spend the night and my friend’s sister had friends over and was outside with one of her friends. He was drinking a beer out of a bottle and he put the bottle on the hood of his car and all of a sudden the bottle starts to spin slowly and then tips over and starts to spin fast out of control. He grabs it, looked at me and says did you see that and I replied yeah.

My last experience is here at my house Hemet Ca. I am at now. I was getting ready to go to sleep. I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and all of a sudden it was as if someone had swung their hand and moved my bath room curtain but no one was there. I am sure that there is more that I will experience. Thank you for reading my personal stories, I would like to hear what you think.


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