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My Encounter With Unexplained: Shadows in the Dark

Shadows in the DarkI am no expert in the field of the paranormal or of how ones mind works in certain situations. I am, however a believer that things aren’t always as they appear and that there are other “powers” that influence our lives. This story takes place around ’89 or ’90 on a warm summer night.

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I was playing in a rock band at the time. Our rehearsal building was located at the home of our singers parents. They lived up a dirt road about a half-mile from the main road. A very quiet secluded area.

Our singer, Kevin, had told me stories of things that had happened in that area. For instance, one night he and his girlfriend and several other people were all hanging out and talking outside at his parents’ pool.

His girlfriend had been staring into the woods for quite some time. He had asked her what was wrong but she wouldn’t answer. She began walking into the woods and when Kevin started to follow her, she began to run. He had a rough time following her.

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He lost sight of her for several minutes and when he finally found her, she was laying against a tree, crying. He asked what was wrong and why she had gone into the woods. Her answer was, “There was a head, a face, and it was telling me to follow, so I did.” He asked her whose face she had seen and she told him it was his.

Believe that or not. Here is my part of the story. I was there and I can tell you it is real. There is no history I can give, such as people dying in this place or anywhere nearby.

I was at rehearsal with the rest of the band. My girlfriend at the time came to watch, as she usually did. When we finished, we all sat outside, smoking cigarettes and talking. We weren’t drinking that that night and none of us were into taking drugs.

Kevin told everyone the story of his spooked ex-girlfriend and talked about other places in the area that were reported to “haunted”. We were all in a spooky kind of mood and it was dark so we decided to follow an old well road up the hill opposite where Kevin’s ex had her experience.

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As we reached the end of the road, there was an oil tank and the pipeline from the well that fed the tank. We were just standing around, I guess waiting for something to happen, when we got more than we bargained for. I was standing behind my girlfriend with my arms around her when I felt her body suddenly go stiff.

I looked at her face and she was staring, wide-eyed, straight ahead into the woods. I looked in that direction and saw several “figures” moving just behind the tree line. I couldn’t make them out to be people, more like shadows.

It was pretty dark but these shadows were much darker than they should have been. It appeared as though one of them was coming toward us out of the woods but as it came out of the trees, it was gone. I was still holding her and suddenly, the air around got extremely cold. I remember instantly getting chills. My girlfriend shivered as the air temperature dropped.

In the next second, the air returned to normal, warm as before. My girlfriend did not stop shivering. The spell seemed to break and I turned and looked at Kevin. His eyes were also wide but he was staring at us. We turned and left very quickly. I took Amy to the car and put a jacket around her.

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She was still shivering and had not yet spoken a word. I stood outside the car and asked Kevin what he had seen. He had also seen the shadows and had seen the one turn to come out of the trees and then disappear.

However, he had seen something that we could not have seen. As we felt the cold air around us, Kevin had seen the shadow suddenly reappear around us. He said that we were engulfed in the shadow and had almost disappeared from sight. That was enough for me to hear.

It took me several hours to get Amy to calm down enough to talk about what we had seen, or rather, felt. Amy had felt great sadness in the cold air that surrounded us. She described it as a lost child’s sadness.

I had felt something more like jealousy mixed with fear. Whatever it was, we did not go back there. We talked about it many times trying to understand it but I don’t think there is much to understand.

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Raymond C.

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