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Mutilated Farm Animals Most Likely Victims of UFO Experiments

Credit: DreamlandModels
Several waves of cattle mutilation were reported recently. A mysterious “predator” opened animal carcasses cutting out their internal organs. The predator was unstoppable and dead cattle were found even in zoos.

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The most mutilations occurred in 1975 – 1976, the worst of them found in the US. There were thousands of victims. In Colorado alone three cows on average were mutilated on a daily basis.

Governor Richard Lamm then stated that the mutilations were “one of the greatest outrages in the history of western cattle industry.”

Once, buffaloes were mutilated in Cheyenne Mountain that at the time hosted a US Air Force Defense Station. The predators were not stopped by thousands of soldiers patrolling the area. Bloodless animal carcasses remained the challenge that the Americans could not stand up to.

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In 2009, cattle mutilators came back. On March 8, a dead cow was found near the Purgatoire River by Mike Duran, a cattle rancher.

“She’s an older cow so I thought she may have died. … I spotted her near the (Purgatoire) river bottom and went and looked at her. She was on her side and it looked a little odd. When I took a closer look I saw that her udders had been removed,” Duran said. It appeared as if the utters were cut off with a laser. There was no blood on or around the carcass and the incisions were perfectly round.

Two weeks later, Jim Garren, a rancher from Walsenburg, Colorado, also found a dead cow with its udders cut off.

“We searched and searched and we could not find blood on the ground or on the cow. I just can’t understand how anyone could surgically remove a part from an animal and not spill some blood,” he said.

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Absence of blood is one of the characteristics of an invisible forces’ attack. After opening carcasses, veterinarians find out that there is not a single drop of blood in them.

It is very difficult to bleed out an animal because when arteries are cut open, veins close and hold the blood back. The blood can be removed by pumping salt solution through arteries, but it is difficult to do in a field.

Bull mutilation

Rancher Tom Miller found one of his calves dead near a feed tub where cows congregate to eat twice daily.

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“It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. I cut the hide and the legs just fell off. All the bones were broken,” Miller said.

This happens when a mutilated animal is thrown down from above. There were a number of cases when ranchers found carcasses in the trees, hanging off power lines, or other places where a cow cannot get on its own. Traces of animals in the snow or mud would suddenly disappear as if the animals were lifted in the air. Coyotes and vultures would not touch the carcasses.

Miller said about 10 years ago he found another one of his cows mutilated. That cow had its ears, tongue, eyes and reproductive organs removed.

“I really don’t know what it is. I think maybe it was a UFO. According to the circumstances, that is what it seems like,” Miller said.

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On March 17, the night Miller lost his calf, a dark triangular craft was reported flying over Colorado Springs. UFO investigators think it is not just a coincidence.

Not only in USA

UFO investigator German Kolchin wrote that in Russia, mutilated animals missing internal organs were found in Primorsky Krai and the Volgograd Region. In 1987, a mutilated carcass of a cow was found at a collective farm near the Ural Mountains, and at the same time UFOs were observed in the same area.

On May 22, 2002 the Krasnodar city newspaper “Kuban News” published a letter describing strange events. The author’s grandmother heard her dogs barking at night and stepped outside to see what was going on.

All her dogs were looking at the rabbit barn in the yard. She found three strangled baby rabbits with their ears cut off. On the way to her house, the woman saw a light ball flying out from under the rabbit cage.

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In 1996, Vladimir Chechurin, a hunter residing in Amga village, Yakutia, lost his horse. A few days later the horse was found dead. The horse’s bones were intact, but his internal organs were a mess and his heart and lungs were missing. The hunter remembered that he saw several UFOs in the area a few days before the incident.

Argentinian epicenter

Most mutilation cases occurred in Argentina last summer near the city of Puelches, in Southwestern La Pampa. Farmers reported seeing UFOs flying around the farms and then finding mutilated cattle.

On June 30, another mutilated animal was found on the farm. It was a cow with incisions on one of its jaws, and was also missing one ear and inner ear, an eye, and had had all of its anal structure removed.

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The cow’s owner said he was in the backyard accompanied by his son when the night “was suddenly turned to day” as a very large, bright object hovered over one of the cattle pens.

Terrified, both farmers entered the house and watched the UFO through a window. None of the farm animals were injured on that occasion, but cattle mutilations began soon.

Alejandro Napuri, a veterinarian, commented on a notorious case that occurred in a Buenos Aires province: “… there wasn’t a single drop of blood at the site. Its tongue had been ripped out and the bone was exposed.

This isn’t an easy thing to achieve. The incisions observed have nothing to do with any mouse or predator,” the vet explained.

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In June, several more mutilated animals were found near Puelches . A local rancher said that she saw strange lights flying around several nights in a row.ArancherfromEmbajador Martini, Province of La Pampa, observed panic in his herd when a UFO object “shaped like two soup-bowls joined at their edges” flew over the animals.

Intergalactic slaughterhouse

Thirty years ago the link between UFOs and cattle mutilation became more obvious. Imprints of flying saucers, circles of burnt grass and increased radiation were found next to mutilated carcasses. Some lucky ones managed to see the objects themselves at the place of crime.

The most significant events happened at that time in Alaska. Five tourists staged a camp near the Yukon river. One of them woke up early in the morning and went down to the river to wash his face. While walking, he saw about 20 hanging “saucers” of orange color. He rushed to tell his friends, but by the time they were up the UFOs were gone.

Having walked half a mile towards the river, the tourists stumbled upon a gigantic ring of burnt grass. Inside the ring there were four triangle imprints pushed into the ground two to four inches. There were hundreds of dead animals lying around. Antlers and legs cut off elks were dumped in separate piles.

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All internal organs were missing. Grizzly carcasses were missing eyes and jaws, reign deer were missing skeletons. There was not a single drop of blood, the wounds looked clean and neat. A skinned carcass of a whale 14.8 feet long was found nearby.

For the most part, biologists and veterinarians who came across strange events had no comments. At times, carcasses of mutilated animals decomposed extremely fast. Sometimes they would not spoil even under the sun, as if they were embalmed.

Studying the samples under a microscope, veterinarians found three types of incisions. They included incisions made with a red-hot scalpel-like tool, simple incisions made with a razor, and absolutely unique incisions.

They were made with a tool that did not cut but rather moved the tissue apart without damaging it. Scientists are not able to make such incisions under field conditions.

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All attempts to take a picture of mutilators at work failed. In 1995, a farmer from Northern Saskatchewan told a UFO investigator that he found a dead unmutilated cow 500 yards from his house.

The investigator suspected that the murderers would come back to take the internal organs. He installed a video camera on a tri-pod that transferred a signal to a TV with a video recorder.

The camera worked well for a few nights, but twice the image would disappear for approximately 12 minutes. On both occasions, the carcass was badly mutilated and the film was light-struck as if a strong beam of light was directed right at the camera.

Skeptics prefer to comment on easily explainable cases when dead cattle were obviously mutilated by vultures and say that all other cases have the same explanation.

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The same explanation was used by Kenneth Rommel in his report “Operation Animal Mutilation” who received a grant from the Federal Law Enforcement Assistance Administration to investigate mutilation reports in New Mexico.

It was done to prevent the repetition of Colorado events when farmers were shooting at helicopters and “suspicious” vehicles.

The good news is that aliens are not hunting humans after practicing on animals.

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