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Musk told how he will send humanity to other planets

The Earth will be in contact with colonies on Mars and the Moon using high-speed Internet. On other planets, people will hide in yurt houses and survive on their own, without the support of earthlings.

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The planet Mars is an ideal place in the solar system where part of humanity can move before the Third World War. To do this, you need to transport a sufficient number of people and certain volumes of cargo with all the necessary things.

Colonies will appear on Mars, as well as on the Moon, in the coming years, in which 1 million earthlings will live. On April 6, entrepreneur Elon Musk shared his ideas and plans for colonizing the solar system. Musk’s presentation was broadcast by his company Space X on the social network X (Twitter).

Musk noted that, of course, he would not want anything bad to happen to the Earth. However, he admitted that something “unexpected” might happen. Therefore, according to his plan, the colony on Mars should become capable of independent survival as quickly as possible.

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“There are certain things that may be beyond our control. So we want to make Mars a self-sustaining civilization as soon as possible,” he said.

Elon Musk

During the presentation, the entrepreneur showed the ships that Space X is building. Several hundred people gathered on the site in front of him and greeted his speech with cheers.

Musk showed what future colonies on Mars and the Moon will look like. The video flashed houses similar to yurts, grouped at a distance of several hundred meters from the spaceport.

Key points from Elon Musk’s presentation include:

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– The anticipation of Starship spacecraft readiness within the next two decades for interplanetary colonization.

– The successful launch and landing of Starship slated for 2025.

– Immediate plans to send Starship to the Moon.

– Involvement of approximately one million individuals in the colonization efforts.

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– Transportation of millions of tons of cargo to Mars and the Moon.

Also during the presentation of the concept of colonization of Mars and the Moon, Musk announced the construction of an ultra-fast Internet communication line with the Earth and described what Sustaining City would look like and how it would function.

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