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Multiverse is like a boiling kettle: a new hypothesis about parallel worlds

MultiuniverseAmerican physicist John Wheeler put forward a striking hypothesis that our Universe may be part of a huge “teapot”, where each bubble represents a separate world.

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According to this theory, space and time resulting from the Big Bang are not homogeneous. They resemble foam, where the bubbles continually expand and eventually burst. The energy released by this process creates new “bubble” worlds.

Scientists say this chain reaction continues to this day.

“Each bubble world contains a vacuum and dark energy that causes small bubbles to rapidly collapse and larger bubbles to expand,” explains science writer Simon Whistler.

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These universes may be very different from each other. Some of them may have completely different laws of physics, others may be empty, and others may have stars and galaxies similar to those we observe.

This suggests that among the infinite number of worlds, there may exist a world identical to ours.

“Our doubles who are reading this text right now may live in parallel universes,” says Whistler.

Although it is not yet possible to prove the “bubble” theory, it has become one of the most intriguing hypotheses about parallel worlds. Scientists continue to explore this concept and develop new theories to explain the mystery of our Universe and its potentially infinite twins.

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