Motorcyclist filmed himself driving through what looked like a ghost

In the early hours of Saturday morning, an unusual event occurred on a national highway passing through Cagayan de Oro in the Philippines, leaving motorcyclist Karl Dagus and his companion bewildered, reports

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Captured via helmet camera, footage reveals a figure abruptly appearing in the middle of the desolate road. As Dagus approached, the figure moved into the bike’s path instead of away from it.

The encounter took an eerie turn when, after what seemed like a collision, Dagus and his friend found no trace of the individual.

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Adding to the mystery was Dagus’s sensation of a cold gust at the moment of crossing paths with the stranger, who was faceless upon reviewing the footage. This series of peculiar events led Dagus to suspect that he may have encountered a ghost.

The video has since spread rapidly across social media platforms in the Philippines, stirring up a mix of belief and skepticism among viewers.

While some concur with Dagus’s ghostly theory, skeptics suggest that he might have struck an actual person who then vanished into the night. Currently, there has been no claim from anyone as the mysterious figure, nor have authorities reported an incident at that location.

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