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Mother who killed her child says his ghost comes to her

Victoria TothA resident of Orlando, Florida (USA), Victoria Toth and her partner, Jonathan Pursglove, were arrested in July 2018 on suspicion of killing two-year-old Jayce Martin.

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According to investigators, the boyfriend beat the child and he died three days later from a blunt abdominal trauma that caused internal bleeding. In addition, the child found a lack of weight due to malnutrition and numerous bruises all over the body. So it turned out that Jayce was regularly tortured before.

On that terrible day of July 18, Victoria Toth came home from work and saw that her son was lying on the floor in a pool of vomiting with no signs of life. She called 911, but it was too late and the doctors who arrived at the call only noted the death of the baby.

It later turned out that the child had been unwell for at least three days, during which Victoria could have called the doctors, but she was “afraid of trouble.”

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According to investigators, Victoria understood that if she did this, her roommate would be put in prison. In fact, she just let her son die.

Victoria and Jonathan were put in prison, but the woman was soon released on bail. Now she continues to support her roommate and visit him in prison.

And what’s more, she began to talk about the fact that when she was in prison, the ghost of her son Jayce began to come to her and console her, asserting that they “had to go through this.”

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“I talked to Jayce and he said that we need to hold on and go through it and then everything will be fine. His words gave me support,” – says Victoria.

After leaving Victoria from prison on bail, she began to tell that the ghost of her son was visiting her at home.

“He visits our house (Victoria now lives in her sister’s house) and we know that he is here. We saw him running in the backyard, and then he played with light switches. It was last weekend.”

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Victoria also said that her son follows the house and even talks to her before she going to bed.

Son’s love for mom has no limits even after death?

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