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Mother Filming Her Child captured A Tiny Creature on Camera

vaikas-gyvisThis video was recorded with a cellphone by Silvia in 2011 in Argentina. You can obviously see the appearance of a tiny creature while filming his son playing. According to Silvia, this little creature came out from the kitchen to the backyard to escape , leaving behind a nasty smell and intense discharge your phone.

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Family members has always noticed that the child was playing and talking to himself in his room and in the corners of the house to nap time , but had never worried because they thought their age was normal. In January 2011 , Benjamin was playing as always in the hallway when Silvia noticed a bit of nervousness in and decided to take his cell phone to record his behavior when he watches “something” running in the background .

He thought it was just a field mouse (very frequent in the area) but then saw the actual play morphology and panicked screams must call your neighbor ( the husband was working ). Several years kept this secret until they decided to show this evidence for the world to see on the Internet.

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