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“Most Haunted” have Launched an Official Youtube Channel

The successful Paranormal Investigation TV show made its way onto Television across the UK and US from 2002 and has remained the most popular of its kind.

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Despite the years of success, the team have now decided that a change in direction was needed to meet the demands of its fans, so, as part of their development plan and restructure, the show taken one of the steps and launched their own official Youtube Channel.

This happened Sunday night were 8000 fans tuned in at short notice to hear the announcements. The show also announced a Halloween live Special was going to be broadcast on the Channel with a full new series in advance and the imminent launch of their “Most Haunted” mobile app! But like that wasn’t enough?!

For years, fans have pushed the show and their producers to investigate the celeb presenters’ home of Yvette Fielding and Karl Beattie due to its paranormal activity, but it has always been refused, until now!

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Last night, the presenters announced on their channel that they have agreed to conduct a live investigation this coming Sunday (26th May) at 8PM (UK Time) with the team. However, the only way you can view this is via the following link where you will be redirected to it once subscribing, which is free of course:

This is an event that you won’t want to miss. If you would like to visit their new channel then please click here.

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