“Monsterland” in Massachusetts – a small forest with UFOs, yetis and glowing balls

In Massachusetts, USA, near the town of Leominster, there is a section of forest, only 5 miles long, literally “filled with supernatural things.” For decades, people have constantly reported sightings of glowing orbs, saucer-shaped UFOs and huge hairy bigfoots here.

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Also, it is very often unclear why cars break down, and some people disappear without a trace. According to local residents, it all started back in the 19th century, when hunters visiting the forest began to tell stories about a strange animal that was not like any ordinary animal.

But the first reliably recorded case occurred only in the 1950s. Then one of the men came into the pub very excited and declared that he had just come face to face with a forest monster and that he would now go into the forest again to hunt it and bring its carcass to the city.

He took the gun, left and… no one saw him again, either alive or dead. When the police tried to find him, they only found his empty car on the outskirts of the city with its headlights on.

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Since then, the number of sightings of all kinds of oddities in the forest of Leominster has only increased and in the end this place was nicknamed “Monsterland”. And one of the hiking trails is appropriately named “Spooky forest trail.”

Sometimes people got lucky and found evidence that bigfoots actually lived here. The photo below shows the imprint of a huge humanoid creature’s foot, found in the forest in 2010.

Ronnie Le Blanc, 66, who grew up near Leominster, is one of those who saw the “forest monster” with his own eyes. He was then only 11 years old and from that day he set himself the task of getting to the bottom of this phenomenon.

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“I think because these things happened to me personally, it created an obsession that I needed to know more about this,” he says.

According to Le Blanc, Bigfoot and glowing balls are somehow closely related to each other, because some eyewitnesses have seen hairy monsters holding such balls in their paws.

Le Blanc says he has personally seen the flying balloons at least nine times in recent years. Other residents saw them too and some were even captured on video.

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In this video, filmed in 2022, three fireballs are flying at once, and, according to the author of the video, Corey Tourigny, they moved completely silently and each had its own speed. One flew a little faster than the others, the other slower.

“I estimate they were about a hundred feet above the treetops. They stopped in formation for a while, and then some separated and headed west, while others went over the mountainous area,” Corey Tourigny said.

Another video shows a bright ball that looks like a meteorite. But is it a meteorite? Could it be a UFO?

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The most widespread UFO sighting in these places occurred in 1967. At the time, dozens of people reported seeing a UFO over ponds and lakes, and one woman said she saw a UFO emerge from a reservoir.

That same year, people also frequently reported Bigfoot sightings. One of the residents of Leominster even said that in 1967 she was abducted directly from her home by aliens, and her house stood very close to the forest of “Monsterland”.

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