“Monolithic cube” measuring 3 kilometers was discovered on the Moon

Renowned ufologist and virtual archaeologist, Scott Waring, has once again brought forth astonishing news that invites us to contemplate the Moon from an entirely fresh perspective.

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According to Waring, he has come across an enigmatic monolithic cube on the lunar surface, an astounding three kilometers in dimension.

This enigmatic monolith, as per Waring’s observations, rests within a relatively petite 5-kilometer crater, encompassing a staggering 3 kilometers of space.

With estimations suggesting this enigmatic structure’s age could surpass a million years, the most compelling question arises: what secrets might lie within?

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“Can you imagine what wonderful things must be inside?” asks Scott Waring.

While the origins and purpose of this marvel remain shrouded in mystery, one certainty emerges: this revelation has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of the Moon, prompting contemplation that humans may not stand alone in lunar exploration.

Undoubtedly, this enigmatic discovery will captivate astronomers and researchers for years to come.

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