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Money Woes? Learn To Activate Your Abundance Now

Money goldWorried about money? You are not alone. It’s hard to imagine anyone not worrying about it. Even millionaires and billionaires have their woes around taxes and investment losses. Whether you have little money or a lot, you can learn how to activate your abundance. When you live with an attitude of abundance the size of your bank account doesn’t really matter.

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It’s no surprise that being short on cash is stressful. Lack of funds can disrupt your life and even cause depression. But is it really all about the money or is it all about the attitude? After all there are many people living in simple and even poverty like conditions who are happy and fulfilled. They don’t appear to be worried about money.

Then there are those with all kinds of material wealth who are unhappy. Just because you have money doesn’t mean you are immune to troubles. There was even a rap song years ago that spoke of “Mo Money, Mo Problems.” So if you think money is the answer to all your problems—think again.

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So maybe money isn’t the whole issue, rather it’s just a part of the big picture. Your attitude towards money and abundance is the real source of your financial woes. Luckily that is something we can deal with.


To deal with money woes you need activate your inner abundance. Even if you don’t feel particularly rich or prosperous, changing your thoughts and attitudes can improve your financial situation. Our thoughts create our reality, so be mindful of what you think about money. Do you constantly say things like “I’m broke” or “I never have enough money?” Guess what? Those statements are creating your reality. They will attract situations into your life where you end up losing money or fail to attract it.

The first step toward activating your abundance is to change your thinking. Instead of focusing on what you lack, focus on what you have. You may not be wealthy right now but do you have food, clothing and shelter? Start there and build on that. And don’t limit it to material things. Think about your spiritual wealth, your health and the love of family and friends. That makes for prosperity too! Abundance in one area of your life spills over and creates riches in other areas.

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Take your newfound focus a step further by developing affirmations. Remember those negative statements? Now is the time to turn them around into positive ones. Instead of saying “I’m broke” try “I have money.” Even if it is only an extra dollar in your pocket, you can still say, “I have money.”

At this point, it doesn’t really matter if you believe your positive statement. By repeating it often you will retrain your mind and eventually you will believe it. That’s when the magic happens. By working with these phrases you start to attract what you seek. Situations will occur that bring you more money and prosperity. Basically, this is the Law of Attraction working at its best. So repeat those affirmations and “fake it until you make it.” You will get there!


Maintain your positive thoughts and repeat your affirmations as often as you can. Doing so will strengthen your resolve and help reframe your perspective. Yet there will be plenty of times where you will question yourself and your experience. Life is full of setbacks and they are bound to occur.

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While focusing on abundance activation, you may encounter doubts and even fall a few times. That’s okay. Just do your best to pick yourself up and begin again. Expect ups and downs to happen and try to go with the flow. Tell yourself it’s only temporary—because it truly is. Keep the faith and things will work out.

Remember that true abundance is not measured by what’s in your wallet, but by what’s in your mind and heart. Realize that and you are already rich!

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