Missouri Doppelganger: Susan Urley Bizarre Story

DoppelgangerDoppelgangers remain one of the darker areas of the paranormal despite a long history of reports.

Some, such as the Emilie Sagee story in 19th century France have become well-known. Others, like the story of a Doppelganger in Missouri are far less known but remain just as much of a mystery.

Villa Ridge, Missouri, is a tiny town with a population of about 2500. It is also the location where in November of 2008, Susan Urley encountered a doppelgänger. It was about 11:00am when Susan entered the family home and clearly saw her 17-year-old daughter, Tracy.

Tracy was standing near the washing machine, which was a relief as Susan had forgotten something when she left. With muddy feet, and not wishing to track mud through the house, she called for Tracy to bring her the item.

Tracy appeared to ignore her even after Susan called her a second time. Tracy then turned slowly and walked into the bathroom.

By that time Susan had become upset and walked towards the bathroom to confront her daughter. Susan called out for a third time and this time received a response. It did not however come from the bath room, Tracy’s response came from the living room.

As Susan reached the living room she looked in and saw Tracy, sitting in a chair, watching TV with her sisters.

The strangest thing was that Tracy’s hair, which had been pinned up was now down, she was also wearing different clothes. There was no way that Tracy could have gone from the bathroom to the living room without being seen.

She also could not have changed clothes as it only took Susan a few seconds to reach the living room.

Susan turned and walked away without saying a word. In fact, Susan never talked about it and the thought that she might be going crazy did enter her mind. Then, on June 20, 2012, Tracy’s boyfriend arrived at the home.

It was about 9:00pm and as he drove up to the front of the house he saw Tracy. She was standing on the front porch looking straight at him. He looked down to turn off his truck and a moment later looked back to the porch, Tracy was gone.

He entered the house and walked to the living room where he found Tracy. She was talking to her father. She was also wearing different clothes. Not wanting to interrupt he turned and walked to the kitchen.

There he saw Susan and told her about seeing Tracy on the front porch wearing different clothes and seemingly vanishing.

Susan listened but said nothing about what she had seen in 2008. She did feel better though as someone else had also seen her daughter’s doppelgänger, she wasn’t crazy after all.

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Jake Carter

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