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Missing policeman found in shock and claims he was abducted by aliens

This mysterious story happened in Argentina, near the city of General Pico, in March 2006 with 31-year-old policeman Luis Sergio Pucheta with the rank of corporal.

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On that day, Pucheta’s routine changed slightly as a comrade asked him to cover part of his jurisdiction on his day off. Cabo Pucheta began patrolling at 7:30 PM, covering around 80 kilometers until he reached a place known as “El cruce de las Cañas.”

There, he observed a strange glow in the woods, initially thinking it might be poachers. Stopping the vehicle, he removed his helmet and got off the motorcycle.

He walked around but couldn’t see or hear anything until, a few minutes later, as he was about to get back on his motorcycle, two strange red lights appeared, immediately dazzling and paralyzing him. The lights were about 50 meters away.

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Despite being 31 years old, physically fit, and experienced, the situation surprised him. He didn’t have time to draw his weapon or react. He could only move his hands; a strange tingling sensation ran through his body.

A few seconds later, he found himself disarming his radio, pistol, and cellphone. He doesn’t remember when or why he did this. Desperate, he called Marcelo Villegas, the one he was replacing on patrol, and said, “Come to Las Cañas, you know what’s happening,” then disconnected.

Villegas reported the incident to emergency phone 101, and within 10 minutes, the head of the Radio-electric Command was on the scene.

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At the tip of the huge cane field, about 800 meters away, they found the abandoned motorcycle. A bit further, the disassembled radio and pistol were scattered around. Everything was there except Pucheta; it seemed like he had vanished.

Due to the unusual nature of the case, a perimeter was set up to preserve the area, and all available units were notified to search for the missing officer.

A group of police officers began to walk cross-country, following Pucheta’s footprints. The distance between prints started to increase—one meter, two meters, up to seven meters. Pucheta later said he felt as if something had grabbed and pulled him upward.

The entire police force, led by its chief, was searching for this officer who had disappeared under strange circumstances.

A photo showing members of the Argentinean provincial police for La Pampa involved in the search for Corporal Sergio Pucheta, who mysteriously vanished and reappeared in case allegedly involving UFOs and non-human presences.
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At 2 AM, rain began, and a strong storm hit the area, complicating everything, especially with the wind erasing the footprints.

The next day, around 4 PM, in a place known as “El Triángulo,” Pucheta appeared, about 30 km from where he was last seen. The landowner, Luis Alberto Barbero, found him sitting by the dirt road, dressed as when he disappeared, with his face hidden between his arms.

Barbero tried to communicate, but Pucheta didn’t respond or utter a word. As he showed no reaction, Barbero called the emergency number with his cellphone.

Minutes later, all units in the area, along with an ambulance and various media outlets, arrived. Pucheta mentioned something in his head telling him, “If you stay here, we’ll come back for you.”

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Gradually, the young officer regained composure. When he could stand on his own, he hugged his superior, Commissioner Inspector Roberto Ayala, and broke into inconsolable tears.

The photo show another police officer (named Quique Mario) patting Puchetta on the head, comforting him and asking him what happened.

Upon reaching the medical center, they detected burns on his feet with blisters, and small dots in between, lasting for some time. Pucheta insisted on being taken to a dark room because light caused him intense pain. This photosensitivity or photophobia lasted for a while.

Pucheta had previously always been distinguished by impeccable behavior and did not have any mental problems. And it was revealed that a few days before his disappearance, he reported seeing strange lights in the sky in the same area.

Pucheta eventually came to the conclusion that the aliens he saw had abducted him and while in captivity he had suffered some kind of terrible traumatic experience that affected his psyche, but which he could never remember.

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However, he remembered something: “I felt like I was inside my mother’s belly and then I started remembering things from my childhood. It was like it was my life in slow motion, I don’t know how long it lasted.”

During the investigation, many strange things were discovered. One was that all these 18 hours while they were looking for him, Pucheta did not eat or drink anything, this was discovered at the hospital.

Puchetta during his police service.

But for some reason his body did not show signs of dehydration. Another strange thing was the rain. When Puchetta was found, his clothes were completely dry and not even dirty, but it had rained heavily in the area two hours earlier.

According to the information published by the local newspaper, the policeman gave a strange version of what had happened. He assured that he was contacted by two beings of short stature, with red eyes, who gave him orders without addressing him. He indicated that he tried to flee from the strangers, but could not explain how he arrived at the place where he was found.

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“They were small, with red eyes,” described the 28-year-old corporal.

Subsequently, an investigation and dismissal from service followed. In May 2013, by resolution 383, Pucheta was retired compulsorily because he couldn’t return to work due to the trauma from the experience. The disappearance of Pucheta remains a mystery. Everything suggests it might be an abduction, a topic widely discussed worldwide.

Pucheta describes vague images from that night, seeing the field from above, feeling like he was aboard something (possibly a ship), and witnessing everything illuminate as he passed by. He recalls feeling intense heat when he put his feet down, explaining the cause of the burns found on his feet.

He insists he never wants to go through the same thing again and still avoids going to Las Cañas. Regarding the incident, he mentions fearing a return to the same place and experiencing a similar situation.

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