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Mind-Body Connections and Health

Body soulHuman beings are much more than physical bodies. We are holistic beings with mental, emotional and spiritual qualities as well. All of these aspects are related and can affect each other.

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From the law of attraction to the power of positive thinking, we know that our thoughts and attitudes can influence our lives and our health. The mind and body connection related to health and wellness is particularly interesting.

Many physical illnesses are related to certain mental and emotional states. An example of this might be dealing with a stressful project where you think to yourself, “This is such a pain in the neck!” A short time later you notice that your neck feels stiff and tense.

That’s the mind-body connection in action. Let’s take a closer look at the bodily areas and question the possible mind patterns associated with them. To make it easier, we will look at different regions of the body based on the seven major chakra locations.

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Root or Base Chakra Area

This is the area of the legs, feet, bowels and lower back. Emotional issues related to safety, security and survival show up here. Experiencing stiff legs or aching feet?

You might want to consider the following questions: Are you fearful of walking your path? Are you unsure of the steps you are taking in life? Are you having trouble standing your ground?

Sacral Chakra Area

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This is the area of the sexual organs as well as kidneys, adrenals, intestines and mid back. Experiencing pain or discomfort in these areas? This region is related to creativity and pleasure.

Here are some questions to ask: Are you unsure of your ability to manifest what you want? Do you feel selfish or guilty doing things that make you feel good? Are you fearful of creating your best life or bringing a new life into the world?

Solar Plexus Area

This area contains the stomach, gallbladder, liver and upper abdominal region. Issues related to power and self esteem show up here. Have an ulcer, indigestion or gastrointestinal problems?

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Consider these questions: Is there something going on that you can’t “stomach?” Are you ignoring your gut feelings? Do you feel like your willpower is weak?

Heart Chakra Area

This area houses the heart, lungs, breasts and upper back. Love and unity issues show up here. Experiencing heartburn or upper respiratory problems?

Here are some questions to ask: Are you disappointed or heartbroken over something or someone? Do you feel unloved? Do you harbor any resentment? Do you feel like you give and give and never receive in return?

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Throat Chakra Area

This is the area of the throat, thyroid, neck and oral cavity. Expression and communication issues are found here. Having thyroid problems or a sore throat? What about a toothache?

Consider these questions: Are you swallowing your words or feelings? Are you not speaking your truth? Do you fear humiliation or negative consequences if you speak out?

Third Eye or Brow Chakra Area

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This area contains the brain, eyes, ears, sinuses, pituitary and pineal glands. Issues related to thinking, comprehension and insight will show up in this region. Experiencing any headaches? What about ear and sinus infections? Tired eyes and blurred vision?

You might want to consider the following questions: Do you feel confused and stressed out? Is there something you don’t want to hear? Is something or someone irritating you? What’s going on that you don’t want to look at right now?

Crown Chakra Area

This area mostly relates to the central nervous system and connection with the higher self.

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Questions related to this area might include: Are you feeling depressed, alienated or despondent? Many mental and emotional disturbances show up here. Overall there is some loss of connection with that divine spark of energy we are born with.

The mind-body connection is a fascinating subject. By choosing to understand and deal with our mental and emotional states we can enjoy better overall health in our bodies. The reverse also holds true. By taking good care of our physical bodies we can improve our mental and emotional health.

It can be quite a balancing act but well worth the effort. With healthy bodies, minds and emotions our true spiritual nature can easily shine through!

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