Mike Bara: All UFOs belong to the U.S. Secret Space Program

Mike Bara, who writes the world’s best sellers and is the host of the New York Times, spoke to his online audience some time ago about the secret space program being developed by the United States.

In his opinion, much of what seems to us today to be fantastic, for example, “flying saucers”, which are considered by ufologists as UFOs, and most often by alien ships, anti-gravity technology – all this is already the reality, and such technologies own the US military.

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Mike said that he had the opportunity to learn more about the secret space program, which is being developed by the United States. However, this program does not apply to NASA.

Mike Bara
Mike Bara

This secret program began to be developed due to the fact that the US government was afraid to meet aliens on the moon or other planets.

Mike added that aliens are ahead of humanity in technological terms by literally 50 years. And this gap is rapidly narrowing, due to contacts with aliens.

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