Melted glaciers reveal the remains of the giant inhabitants of Antarctica

Millions of years ago, the inhabitants of the ice continent were much larger than today’s penguins. 20 meters long, 8 meters high – the real giants of the ancient world.

This subspecies of dinosaurs inhabited the continent some 70 million years ago, the mainland was their fiefdom until it went under the eternal ice.

Scientists have found evidence of ancient life forms thanks to the melted ice of Antarctica. Previously, there were already guesses that the continent was full of life – and now they have been confirmed.

Scientists speculate that dinosaurs on the southern continent share roots with the titanosaur, which is found in other parts of the world.

Despite its huge size, the dinosaur was an herbivore. It is assumed that they crossed to the mainland along the isthmuses, which later went under water.

The presence of titanosaurs gives almost certainty that Antarctica was once rich in forests and other life forms.

Scientists are trying to understand what triggered the formation of the ice cap. Some of them suggest that modern science may have overlooked some past events that triggered and sealed the mainland under ice.

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