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Megalithic prehistoric object 10 kilometers long discovered under water

Huge stone structures stretched for 10 kilometers. These structures were built by humans about 5,500 years ago

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Archaeologists are studying the mysterious cairns and underwater wall of ancient stone piles, or cairns, that stretch for miles under Lake Constance, a glacial lake located between Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

According to a study published in 2021, these structures were built by humans about 5,500 years ago. Originally discovered by the Lake Research Institute in Langenargen in 2015, the huge stone pyramids have attracted public attention and controversy among experts.

A few hundred meters from the southwestern Swiss shore of Lake Constance, there are about 170 such stone formations. Neolithic rock formations in the canton of Thurgau were created by humans during the Neolithic Age, according to a team of archaeologists led by Urs Leusinger.

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According to a study published in the Annual Review of Swiss Archeology in 2021, the walls are several tens of meters wide and up to 2 meters high.

This makes them impressive structures that would require a lot of time and effort to build. However, according to scientists, “the purpose of this prehistoric object 10 kilometers long remains unclear.”

People erected these monuments right next to the coastline during the Neolithic era. Currently, the lake level is three to five meters higher due to climate change.

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While exploration of the submerged structures continues, a 2021 study provides sediment core samples and other evidence suggesting they are 5,500 years old.

Thousands of years ago, Neolithic people built settlements on stilts known as stilt houses around this lake above the swamps.

Since this megalithic structure is too large for the inhabitants of one settlement to build it alone, scientists believe that people from other settlements participated in its construction, who united to build these structures. Could it be an ancient civilization? Scientists say they have yet to find out.

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