Meet the 7-Year-Old Designer Who Believes He Is Gucci Reborn

Max Alexander, a 7-year-old boy from the US, has a passion for creating dresses that he says comes from his past life as Guccio Gucci, the iconic Italian fashion designer.

While most boys his age are unaware of Gucci’s existence, Max has been making dresses since he was 4 and has even attracted celebrity clients like Sharon Stone.

His mother, Madison, told People Magazine that he revealed his talent one night in 2021, when he asked for a mannequin to display his designs on. She made him one out of cardboard and was amazed by what he could do with fabrics and a sewing machine.

“I didn’t notice. He told us. We were at dinner during the lockdown, and he just literally announced, ‘I need a mannequin,’ ” Madison Alexander recalled.

“He was very serious. No laughing. I was like, ‘Okay, I’ve never seen you interested in fashion. What are you talking about?’ He said, ‘That’s because I don’t have a mannequin. If you get me a mannequin, I’ll show you. I’m a dressmaker.’”

“He just started making dresses, it was the craziest thing,” the mother told People Magazine. “I ran and got my husband. I was like, ‘Come out of your office, you have to see what Max is doing. It’s crazy.’ ”

Max had no exposure to women’s fashion before that night, but he claims that he was Guccio Gucci in a previous life.

His parents believe that fashion is in his genes, because his grandparents were in the fashion business in Montreal, but the boy didn’t know anything about that when he started dressmaking.

Max spent a few weeks watching his mother use the sewing machine before he gave it a go himself, but he’s apparently surpassed her in skill since. At first, his parents thought that his interest in fashion was nothing more than a temporary whim, but he has stuck with it for the past 3 years and, if anything, he is becoming more passionate about it every day.

“That’s really the unusual part that impresses me, is the commitment for such a very young child, and his true passion to want to make people feel beautiful, which he has told us since he was 4,” Max’s mother said.

Guccio Gucci was born in Florence, Italy in 1881 and founded the Gucci fashion house in 1921. He was known for his leather craftsmanship and accessories and died in 1953. His four sons continued his legacy and expanded the business internationally.

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