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Mars is teeming with aliens: the rover photographed a mysterious creature

The possibility of life on Mars stirs the minds of astronomy lovers and scientists.

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Conspiracy theorists and ufologists state that the planet Mars is inhabited by someone resembling people. And it is possible that the discovery of the famous ufologist Scott Waring confirms that there can be intelligent life on the Red Planet, albeit a little different from Earth.

So it is known that the rover Curiosity took another picture of the surface of Mars, on which the seekers of the Martians civilization discovered an anomaly similar to a female silhouette.

The picture, among the Internet users, immediately received the name “Black Widow”.

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The original photo, where a lone figure was visible, can be viewed on the official NASA website.

Waring also suggested that the picture may be a destroyed ancient statue, although this is unlikely. Time and various cataclysms would have destroyed such a small statue long ago. So, it is more likely that the phantom is a living being.

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In the photo, the silhouette is very similar to the ghostly figure of a woman in a flowing garment, leaning on a stone, with a look fixed on the Curiosity rover. Perfectly distinguishable hands and head area.

More pragmatic scientists assured that this is just a game of shadows in the photo and the vigorous imagination of people who want to find Martians on a lifeless planet.

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