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Many more pyramids are hiding in the sand – Why are they not excavated?

The location of the new pyramid is indicated by the archaeologist, there is every reason to conduct excavations, the discovery of a new pyramid could become a sensation, but the excavations do not begin. Why?

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Dr. Vasco Dobrev, while exploring the desert in the Memphis region, found signs of the pyramids being under the sand. He claims that the desert can hide about 120 pyramids.

Dobrev, back in 2019, pointed out a plateau, which, he believes, is not of natural origin, but is an unfinished pyramid.

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He suggests that this is the base of the pyramid of Userkare, who ruled for no more than five years, so his pyramid (it was supposed to be 52 meters high) did not have time to be completed.

The plateau has a regular square shape, the size of the rib is 80 meters, which, according to Dr. Dobrev, exactly corresponds to the size of the base of the pyramids of that period.

He attaches the results of geophysical studies, which also confirm the high probability of finding the pyramids under the sands of the Sahara.

His finds were revealed during Tony Robinson’s Channel 5 documentary “Opening Egypt’s Great Tomb”.

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Mr Robinson said: “Dr Vasko Dobrev has been working in the desert outside Cairo for the past 30 years and he’s on the hunt for a new pyramid.

“Often we only think of the famous pyramids of Giza, but this site called Saqqara boasts the first pyramid and a great many more.

“Pyramids here spanned six centuries of Egyptian history, but one dynasty of pharaohs, in particular, chose to build their magnificent tombs in Saqqara.

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Dr Dobrev shocked Mr Robinson by explaining how numerous pyramids could be hiding beneath the sand.

He said: “There are about 120 [pyramids] all around Egypt.

“Pharaohs built pyramids here because Saqqara is exactly in front of the capital of Egypt, Memphis.

“You see this small pyramid? This is Pepi II, his father is here, his great grandfather is just behind and all the family is around.”

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The pair then headed to the top of a flat plateau where Dr Dobrev believes is the site of an undiscovered pyramid.

Despite all these arguments and evidence, the “go-ahead” for excavations has not been given, although quite a lot of time has passed since 2019.

Those wishing to sponsor the excavations of Egyptian antiquities are more than enough. However, it is not yet possible to guess what is hiding in the vicinity of Memphis.

There are only suggestions that the pyramids of many pharaohs and even the legendary architect Imhotep, who is credited with the authorship of the pyramids of Giza, may be located here. But this cannot be verified yet.

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For some reason, an increasing number of territories are closed for archaeological research in Egypt. This is especially true for foreign Egyptologists, who have very limited opportunities for research.

Why is this happening? What can archaeologists find under the sands of the Sahara? Questions without answers.

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