Man’s DNA has completely changed after bone marrow transplant

DNAA bone marrow transplant made Chris Long, a resident of Nevada, a real chimera: the genetic composition of his blood has undergone a complete change. The donor was a German citizen. The operation was forced due to acute myeloid leukemia.

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The police seriously wondered how to investigate cases in the event of such changes in citizens. At the moment, there is no previous Chris: instead, a completely different person.

The operation itself took place four years ago, the first changes became noticeable three weeks after it. After some time, all the DNA underwent changes: it became the same as that of a German donor.

According to some reports, Chris childrens, are likely to be similar to the man from Germany, rather than at him. Long’s body mixed a few different DNAs. Doctors call a man a chimera.

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Interestingly, forensic specialists have real problems with bone marrow transplants. In 2004, DNA analysis from a fresh crime scene led the police to a man who had long been in prison.

It turned out that this prisoner previously had a bone marrow transplant from his brother, who turned out to be the same criminal. Fortunately, the forensics figured out this case and sentenced his brother to prison.

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