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Manananggal monster sightings spark fear in Philippines

While residents in Sitio Mangga, Barangay Dumlog in Talisay City believe that a mythical creature visits their area at night time, police in the city are encouraging the public not to panic and refrain from spreading unverified reports.

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Talisay City police continue to investigate the alleged appearance of a manananggal in Sitio Mangga as claimed by some of the residents in the area, reports

On Thursday, February 9, some of the residents claimed that the mythical creature known in the Philippines is present in their village, allegedly seen by some of those who live there.

Pending their investigation, Police Lieutenant Colonel Randy Caballes, chief of the Talisay City Police Station, asked the public of their cooperation and to remain calm. He encouraged everyone to refrain from spreading unverified reports of the manananggal’s presence as this may cause panic.

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The manananggal is a mythical creature in the Philippines that separates from their lower part of its body and their fangs and wings give it a vampire-like appearance.

Caballes, in his statement, said that they received the report about this incident on Tuesday, February 7. Personnel from the Women and Children Protection Desk (WCPD) immediately conducted an interview in the area. Based on their investigation, two female minors claimed they saw this mythical creature.

Quoting the investigation, the two minors went to a neighbor’s house to get Wifi connection. When they were on their way back to their house, they allegedly saw a manananggal on top of the roof of a neighbor’s house, a certain Albert Samson, 71.

Caballes said that police questioned Samson but he said he did notice anything unusual that time. What he heard, though, was the two minors shouting and crying.

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Police also interviewed to another neighbor, whose house is close to Samson’s, and the he also claimed the same thing.

“Your police force is doing its best efforts to shed light on this event. Like you, we are also hoping to find the answers to our questions,” Caballes said.

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