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Man suffers mysterious illness after discovery of ancient Egyptian tomb

Egyptologist Ramy Romany suffered a mysterious illness after the discovery of an ancient Egyptian tomb in 2019.

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He said that the illness caused him to hallucinate and cough up blood. At the time, the team was filming an episode about mummified remains that researchers claimed were those of a biblical character.

Filmmaker and Egyptologist Rami Romani told The Jordan Harbinger Show that he fell ill after the tomb was opened in 2019.

“While filming, we went into a tomb that hadn’t been opened in years. We unlocked the door and the locals kept their distance at first to make sure there were no snakes or curses of any kind. Not believing in curses, we just went straight down the stairs,” he said.

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Romany added that the tomb had not been opened for about 600 years, and that it was quite dusty there.

“The tomb seemed endless. We kept going down and it’s quite dusty. And I breathed it all in. And that day I was returning on foot to Cairo, and I became unwell.”

“The next morning I had a high fever. I have never had such a high temperature in my life. I had a temperature of 42°C and started coughing up blood. They called doctors for me. I almost died.”

Doctors prescribed him antibiotics, believing that bats, snakes, or dust from the tomb were the cause of the disease.

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Romany does not believe in curses, however, he stressed that something about this tomb struck him. He said that he was as close to death as he had ever been in his life, and that finally, four days later, he recovered.

“Finally, four days later, I recovered,” he told Khaleej Times. “Whether it was a mummy’s curse or not, something about this tomb struck me.”

This story is a reminder that the study of ancient history can have dangerous consequences for modern researchers. However, despite all the risks, people continue to explore and study ancient cultures and their heritage.

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