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Man Reveals Aliens Tried To Abduct Him: Long-term Neurological Damage

A Reddit user “andyblaze6” spoke about how, after an attempted abduction by aliens and persecution of UFOs, he developed a whole complex of diseases and he barely survived this period.

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“In early 2019 to late 2019 when I was 24 I began working as a security gaurd on a coal mine surface mine I rural West Virginia. The mine was located about 35 miles up a mountain on a mountain top removal site where blasting had previously occurred years ago. My shift started at 7 pm until 7 am.

“My job was basically to drive a security van along the surface of the mine and surrounding areas to look for intruders who may have been trying to sneak onto the mining property and steal things such as copper, mining equipment and tools ect. Driving to the top of the mine took me about 25 minutes.

“The radius was about 150-200 square miles that belonged to the company. Some of it was mountain top removal sites but most of it was wooded areas with old abandoned logging roads. It was quite legitimately “the middle of no where in the woods”. I had little to no cell phone service.

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“The area I guarded was a 30 mile radius of logging road. The road overlooked a large mountain ridge. I worked safely and freely on the site for around 6 months before any strange occurrences happened.

“The first occurrence with whatever I encountered happened around mid fall right after sunset. I was sitting in the van on My site overlooking a large ridge that seemed to be miles of empty mountain. I saw a vague dim light emerge from a Boulder and slowly float into the sky. It looked almost like a ball or orb of light.

“Hours later several balls of light would slowly emerge from above the tree lines and float into the sky. When in the sky they would assemble and dance in odd formations. This happened for months and I would frequently video tape the incidents.

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“Another strange occurrence I had was one evening that I was working a bright orange ball of gas or fire would come from what appeared to be within the mountain top and dance around the sky before disappearing. I recorded this incidence as well.

” Around this time I felt a very dark and ominous presence from the lights. I would have times where the orbs appeared to follow me. I could also drive through several logging roads and see what looked like formations of lights sitting on top mountains.

“I requested to be moved to another site or location. However I was denied. The most frightening encounter I had was one night when i was driving off of the mountain top at the end of my shift. The road off of the site was a very long narrow winding road that passed over a couple of ridges.

“On my way out I saw a bright white ball of light about 100 yards away from me on a mountain top floating in the sky. It looked like pure light or pure gas in a sphere. The spheres light was so bright and so intense that the light almost blinded me even in pitch darkness.

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“It was equivalent to stating directly into the sun. I lost all of the air from my lungs and could not catch my breath. I felt my muscles becoming paralyzed and my vision fading. I stopped the vehicle and took a minute to catch my breath before the orb appeared to ascend into the night sky before disappearing.

“I also felt some type of telepathic communication being transmitted from this entity into me that is very hard to describe because I cannot put it into words but I feel as if I was mentally abducted.. I immediately left my position after this incidence.

“After that encounter I began developing symptoms of Multiple sclerosis, parkinsons disease and ALS. I saw several medical specialist who were unable to find anything on my blood testing or scans. Later that month I developed a bad bout of fluid in my lungs and around my heart and fell very ill with no previous health issues.

“I also began losing my vision and seeing spots regularly. I experienced night terrors, anxiety and insomnia. I personally believe I was attacked or harmed by some type of extraterrestrial or demonic weapon. I have remaining symptoms that have not passed since.

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“If anyone can help me out in trying to figure this out comment below of message me personally so we can talk more.”

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