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Man Received 27 Stab Wounds, But Survived and Spoke With Angel

27 stabs and 9 hours waiting for help. Doctors do not understand how the victim survived, but he assures that he was saved by the Guardian Angel. This story was shared by a man on the website

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I was riding my Harley motorcycle home from work about 9:00 pm. The drive belt broke, so I had to stop. I was very angry and was going to call my girlfriend to bring me a new belt and some tools so I could fix it. I never got to make the call.

I was immediately confronted by 6 Hispanic males who watched my Harley coast to a stop. They came out to the street aggressively as they approached me. One male had a baseball bat. I was in the wrong place and was about to fight for my life.

They shouted at me, ‘You are gonna die gringo’ and I had to fight. I had no weapons except my fists. They encircled me in the street and started punching me and hitting me with the baseball bat.

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I was trying to pay the most attention to the guy with the baseball bat. All of a sudden, I felt a stabbing pain in my abdomen. One of the attackers had a knife. When I was stabbed, I also was hit in the head with the baseball bat and was out like a light.

The next thing I knew, I was standing on a beach in the republic of Panama. I used to go snorkeling there when I was in the Army. It looked very different but I knew where I was. It was very strange and VERY real. I didn’t understand why I was there and knew I was getting the sh#@ kicked out of me whereever my body was back in Arizona.

The trees in the background looked VERY old, like the old trees that are over 1000 years old. There was a little girl standing in front of me with a grin on her face as she was looking at me. She had on blue clam-digger shorts and a white sleeveless, v-cut T-shirt.

She was barefoot. As she stood smiling at me, I noticed that she had the greenest eyes I have ever seen, like fire-green. It was mid-day. The ocean, sun, birds, and the wind were so totally real that it was very confusing. Why was I there?

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I finally said to the little 12 or 13-year-old girl, ‘HEY, I’m getting the sh#@ kicked out of me. I got to go!’ and I started to walk away. Where I was going to go, I had no idea. But I had to go some place where I was in trouble.

As I started to walk towards the jungle just off the beach, the little girl said to me, ‘BRIAN, please stay here with me because if you go back you are going to see and feel things you don’t wanna see or feel.’

I stopped, turned around, and said, ‘Who are you?’ She answered, ‘I am your guardian angel. Please stay here. Come sit down we have much to talk about.’ There was a drift-log off to my left and we sat down.

I asked, ‘Where am I?’

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She said, ‘Heaven. Well, your version of it. I knew you loved this place so we came here.’

‘Am I dead,’ I asked.

She said, ‘Yes you are, but you can’t stay here. You got to go back.’

When she said that, I could hear people talking in the jungle and I knew who they were. One was a friend I knew in high school who had died in a car wreck. Another was my older brother, who I never met. I could not see them very well but could hear them talking with others in the jungle.

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I asked, ‘Why can’t I stay? It’s beautiful here.’

She said, ‘It’s not your time. You have much to do.’

I asked, What?’

She laughed and said, ‘Now, if I tell you, it won’t be as much fun now. Will it? You get to stay here for a while but you got to go back and when it’s time to go I will let you know.’

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All of a sudden it was night. She was standing back in front of me and said, ‘Time for you to go back.’

BAM, I was back in my body in the emergency room at county hospital. The pain was unbearable! My whole family was there. Everyone was crying and avoided looking at me. The emergency room nurse said, ‘Welcome back Mr… You were stabbed 27 times, mostly in my abdomen.’

My neck was slit. They had no idea how I was still alive and didn’t bleed to death. BUT I was alive and I didn’t die. Well yes, I did die, but got to come back. They told me my body was thrown into a dumpster for 9 hours. The next morning, a lady who was walking her dog saw the blood trail to the dumpster and found me.

According to the doctors, when they found him, Brian’s pulse was barely felt and there was very little blood left in his body. However, he came to his senses and managed to give his name and his mother’s phone number before passing out again.

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