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Man left his hotel room immediately after the paranormal activity began

A Malaysian man had the fright of his life upon checking in at a hotel in Bukit Merah. The man who recorded his drive to the hotel, claimed he experienced several paranormal activities while he was at the hotel premises, reports

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As seen in his TikTok, the man had arrived at the hotel about 7.09 pm. Upon arrival, he proceeded to check into his room. He entered the room which at first seemed normal. But within two minutes, he alleged there were disturbances.

“There were knocks on the door and the toilets were suddenly flushing. It was scary that I started praying. It stopped for a while but quickly returned after I finished praying. So, I decided to record,” said the man.

But surprisingly, there were no such disturbances when he began recording. Yet, he felt compelled to leave as he did not want to take any chances, especially since he was the only guest in the whole hotel.

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He then quickly packed his bag and left the room. While he was at the lift, he alleged that he saw a ghost while the lift doors were closing. Once at the lobby, he promptly left the keys at the counter and exited the hotel.

“Not even within 30 minutes and I was disturbed. I just took out my phone and charged my phone for a bit. The door then immediately shut behind me. I then asked who was there but no reply.

“I then took out my phone to record. Then I heard the curtains in the toilet drop and sounded like it was being pulled. I checked to see if anyone was there but no one was there,” said the man.

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This was when he realised it was not worth it to continue his stay for the night.

Even though he spent RM60 on the room, he knew that it was not going to be a peaceful night for him. Thus, he left after 20 minutes of checking in.

Many netizens in the comments section were afraid for him since the hotel has been rumoured to be haunted for years. Some users were glad that he made it out alive while others were amazed that he even checked into the hotel in the first place.

He has clarified that his sharing was not meant to hurt or insult anyone. He merely posted his experience to warn other people to stay away from the hotel.

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But what are your thoughts on this? Would you have checked out if you were in his position? Or continue your stay?

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