Man fired gun because Bigfoot was trying to enter his home

BigfootA man in Bainbridge Township, Ohio told police that he tried to dissuade an intruding Bigfoot, reports

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After becoming convinced that a Bigfoot was trying to break into his house, the 60-year-old Lorain Street resident called 911 on the morning of 22 October.

Fearful for his life, in an effort to scare the intruder away, he fired his gun into the backyard.

Once officers arrived, they asked the man if a bear could have been responsible.

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“It ain’t no f****** bear because it was jiggling my doorknob,” he told them.

The’ creature,’ which he characterized as 7 ft tall, came back a second time, forcing him to shoot a second warning shot because he was worried that he was trying to go after his dog.

He told police that the Bigfoot is a frequent guest in the area as it feeds bananas from his neighbor. He also maintained that the creature had taken away a local girl who had gone missing.

Police asked the man to return to his home and call police if he witnesses anything suspicious again.

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While things stand, who, if anything, had tried to break into his house remains unclear.

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