Man Cut Off His Nose And Removed Ears To Look Like a Living Skull

A man with an affection for skeletons has removed his nose so he can resemble a skull.

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Tattoo craftsman Kalaca Skull, whose genuine name is Eric Yeiner Hincapié Ramírez, has put in two years experiencing extraordinary body adjustments in his journey to change his face.

He has endured a large group of frightful and painful procedures including one to remove the lower half of his nose and another to take his ears off.

Be that as it may, it doesn’t stop there.

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The intensely inked craftsman has had his tongue split into equal parts and inked a blue-dark shading, and had skull features, including black eye-sockets on his tattooed on his face.

Kalaca Skull, 22, was the principal individual in Colombia to select to have his nose and ears intentionally removed, inciting a media storm in the nation, the Daily Mail reports.

He has had half his nose removed in a bid to look like a skull (Image: Facebook)

He has additionally shaved his entire to uncover many excruciating head tattoos and piercings.

His endeavors to change his appearance and the spooky results began after his mom’s demise.

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The young fellow said he was constantly intrigued by skulls as a youngster.

Kalaca told a Columbian news site he feels “extremely connected to skulls”.

“Body changes are an individual choice and ought not be judged.

“It resembles judging a lady for getting bosom or butt cheek inserts. For me, a skull resembles my sister, a piece of my family truly, I feel exceptionally appended to them” he said.

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