Man claims to feel “jolt from God” in near death experience

NDEThe man who only gives his name as James said he claims he has caught a glimpse of the afterlife while undergoing surgery after a heart attack, reports

James described how his experience didn’t seem to start, but “I just seemed to become aware”.

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During his Near Death Experience (NDE), James claimed that before he felt a “physical jolt” that he believes came from God, there was complete nothingness. James said he had become at one with the Universe at that point.

Writing for the research foundation Near Death Experience (NDERF), James said:

“I was in a total black, lightless, and noiseless void. Somehow, I was given a choice. I don’t know who or what gave me the choice, it was more like I just knew it to be a choice.”

“If I chose to go to the right, I knew there was peace and serenity. I could feel it. On the left was my life, which was like a road of broken glass.”

“I thought of my wife and made the decision that I wasn’t ready to go to the right yet. As soon as I thought of my family, I felt a physical jolt, that was a very physical sensation. It was much different than the experience so far.”

“The jolt, I instantly knew, was the touch of God. In that moment, I felt a connection to everything that ever did or ever would exist.”

“It was like seeing the fabric of space and reality. It was like seeing all of creation and feeling unity with it.”

“For some reason, I associate the word ‘purple’ with this, but have no idea why. After the jolt and joining the universe, I followed what I thought to be my wife’s voice calling me.”

“I followed it out of the darkness and back into the world.”

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