Malaysian Police Officer Records Sighting Of Pontianak Ghost

Recently, an auxiliary policeman named Ihsan Ikmal caused a stir by sharing a video (see below) capturing a ghostly apparition known as the “Pontianak” during his night patrol with colleagues. This spine-chilling incident unfolded at approximately 2am, adding an air of mystery to the encounter.

In the shared video, Ihsan recounts being persistently disturbed by this spirit and having previously heard the unsettling noise commonly associated with the Pontianak. However, it was the first time that the spirit chose to reveal itself in such a tangible form.

The video showcases an eerie figure, adorned in a white dress and possessing long hair, seemingly floating in mid-air. The Pontianak emits a sound reminiscent of an owl, albeit with an even more unsettling tone.

In an interview with Harian Metro, Ihsan revealed that he had personally recorded the video using his mobile phone. Having served as an auxiliary policeman for a remarkable eight years, he shared his experiences of encountering the disturbing sound that pervades the area during the night and early morning hours. He mentioned that even some senior citizens have reported encountering this mysterious creature.

It is worth noting that the area where the incident occurred was originally a palm oil plantation that underwent subsequent development.

Ihsan hopes that his sharing of the video will be viewed in a positive light, serving as a reminder that such encounters are not meant to discourage individuals, particularly young ones, from pursuing security-related work. Instead, he believes that facing and overcoming challenges of this nature is a normal part of the job.

Pontianak is a mythological creature in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. According to local legends, tt usually takes the form of a pregnant woman who is unable to give birth to a child. Alternatively, it is often described as a vampiric, vengeful female spirit. Another form of the Pontianak refers to the ghost or white lady of Southeast Asian folklore.

The Pontianak is often depicted as a long-haired woman dressed in white, and it represents local variations of a vampire. She lures in unsuspecting men to incite fear and enact revenge. Signs that a Pontianak is nearby include the sound of an infant crying and the smell of a decaying corpse or the plumeria flower.

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