Malaysia has closed the hospital, where people were intimidated by ghosts

Ghost in schoolAt the end of March 2019, the small Klinik Desa Gesir Tengah hospital in the Malaysian Hulu Selangor district announced its temporary closure. The reasons cited were “mysterious cases of injuries to nurses and patients”.

According to a local group of paranormal researchers on their Facebook page, strange things have been observed at this hospital since 2007.

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“These mystical phenomena mean attacks on personnel and patients, including the whole of the past year. We have done everything we can to stop it, but they continue to happen,”, said one hospital worker.

In his letter, the employee described in detail about the oddities that were recorded in the hospital, and it all began in the period from 2007.

Scans of the letter received from the hospital staff

2007: Nurse reported seeing strange black phantom.

2009: Nurse N. initially did not report anything unusual. But after a while she began to hear strange sounds and feel strange smells. Then she saw a “phantom” in the form of an elderly woman and another creature with a black face.

2012: The black-faced creature or being continued to terrorize nurse N. and brought her to an extent that the woman became obsessed with this black evil entity.

After that, nurse N. was finally transferred to another hospital. However, this was only the beginning.

“Grains like yellow rice began to appear daily. They were everywhere, on the floors, in the toilet, in the wards. The cleaners kept cleaning, but the rice continued to appear. Then they saw a black statue on the roof of the building and this caused even more confusion. The clinic staff continued to report on seeing the black essence, an entity in the form of an old woman and another being in the form of a long-haired woman.”

It was further reported that children who visited the hospital toilet began to see an elderly lady there, who addressed them by name.

By 2019, paranormal phenomena began to occur here even more often.

“Patient T.W. came to the nurses and asked them for medicines. When they gave him the pills, he took them and then said that he wanted to leave the clinic because he saw something frightening here.”

Now this clinic is still closed, as reported by the inscription on the fence.

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