Magic spells

Magic Spells: The Basics

Magic spellsSpells can be simple or complex, depending on the situation and personal preference. White magic is the use of spells that do no harm.

Spells have been used since pre-Christian times, according to Judika Illes, who wrote Encyclopedia of Spells. People worked with herbs, gems, and other sources to make potions and brews for the desired purpose.

Spells could be used for everything from encouraging rainfall to healing a sick person. There were spells for a good fishing trip so that the family could be fed, or for calming the nerves of a new mother.

When witchcraft became taboo, these same spells began to be known as teas and tonics, or ointments and creams. Witchcraft continued, but was cleverly disguised as everyday kitchen activity or as medicine.

White Magic

White magic is good magic focusing on doing good, harming none, and not for personal gain, such as gambling. Aromatherapy is one method that came from white magic. The use of scents to calm or invigorate is popular in many cultures, but is also used in witchcraft, according to Scott Cunningham in his book, The Complete Book of Incense, Oils, and Brews.

Colors can be used to set a mood in a room, as can the use of candles and roses to set a romantic mood for a date. All these aspects have ties to witchcraft in one way or another. Roses are commonly used to express love, as one can learn from watching commercials or talking to a florist, for example.

Reading the Encyclopedia of Spells, by Judika Illes, one can learn that roses are used in love spells, so the link to roses and witchcraft can be seen there.

The Spell

When deciding to cast a spell, it is best to do research and learn the many aspects that can be included, or excluded, depending on your preference. Spell casting can be easy or complicated, depending on the situation or preference. Scott Cunningham has some good, basic books on spell casting, such as the book Spell Crafts.

Cunningham’s books are well written books containing basic information for the beginner. The books are easy to read, understand and utilize when working a spell, or learning more about pagan beliefs, particularly Wicca.

Elements of Spells

As you research your spell type, you may find you need certain items, such as the roses mentioned above, candles, incense, or ingredients for a brew. According to Cunningham, incense is an important aspect to a spell, as are candles.

Other ingredients can be personal choice because there may be many herbs with the same meaning, for example. As you sift through the information of spell ingredients, the spell can be personalized to your personality and preference.

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