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Logan Paul owns the most convincing UFO sighting video ever

A documentary filmmaker has claimed that Logan Paul owns a copy of what some in the UFO community consider the most convincing UFO sighting video ever, reports

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During an appearance on Wednesday’s episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, James Fox — the director of the 2020 UFO documentary “The Phenomenon” — claimed that the 28-year-old YouTuber secretly recorded footage that was rumored to have been uncovered by UFO specialist Chuck Clark around 30 years ago.

The footage, which is thought to have been originally recorded by two men in the Nevada desert, was never been widely shared.

The filmmaker said that Paul was “very impressed” by the never-before-seen video after he told him about it on the social media personality’s “Impaulsive” podcast in 2021.

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It led to the internet sensation approaching Clark — who lives “in the middle of nowhere” — with $100,000 in cash for the tape, according to Fox.

After Clark turned down the offer, the YouTuber insisted on at least watching the video, Fox said.

But Fox claimed that Paul secretly recorded the footage from different angles using a hidden button camera on his clothing.

Fox went on to describe the contents of the footage, which he claimed to have watched back in 1995.

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The filmmaker alleged that two unidentified men driving in the Nevada desert were able to capture a UFO very close to their car with their handheld camera.

“I saw this with my own eyes. All of a sudden the car’s parked, and it’s parked out by the black mailbox in the desert,” Fox said, describing the clip. “It’s dusk. The camera is on the armrest between the two seats and it’s slightly cocked.

“It’s not level, and it’s filming the dashboard and the screen, the windscreen, windshield, and there are two guys in there sounding like — you can’t see them — [they’re] sounding like they’re trying to crawl under the seats. I mean, they’re freaking out.”

He continued, “One of them goes, ‘It’s over the top of us! It’s over the top of us!’ Then all of a sudden, the car lights up on the inside, but the source of light is above it.”

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The longtime UFO enthusiast likened what he saw to putting a “pendulum with a light source above a vehicle, like above the car but [with a] very slow and fluid motion, rocking back and forth.”

Fox added that though the two men in the video seemed scared, the younger of the two went out of the car to film what looked like a disk “that was so low you could have hit it with a rock.”

“If you could imagine the skin on the craft glowing like phosphorus on a beach. That’s what it looked like — like the skin was alive. And it had like a yellowy-orange color to it, but you could clearly see it was a disk,” he claimed. “I’d never see anything like it. And it just wobbled like it was unstable.”

The director said the video then abruptly ends after this.

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Fox claimed that Paul has yet to unveil the video due to fears of potential legal issues as the U.S. government has been adamant about keeping such footage and information under wraps.

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